Exploit Development

In this 5 day course, students will learn how to exploit 32-bit stack-based buffer overflows in Linux and Windows applications without the presence of strong mitigations.

Specifically, students will:

  1. Learn about the process of vulnerability discovery.
  2. Learn how to develop x86 assembly and shellcode.
  3. Learn how the stack works on the x86 architecture.
  4. Exploit classic stack-based buffer overflows on Linux and Windows.
  5. Exploit Linux stack-based buffer overflows on NX/DEP using ret2libc techniques.
  6. Defeat ASLR on Linux.
  7. Exploit Windows stack-based buffer overflows using SEH.
  8. Defeat NX/DEP using ROP on Linux and Windows.
  9. Use Windows and Linux debuggers including GDB and Immunity.

For costing and a printable course outline click here.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in general programming. Some competency in Python.
Format: Lectures and Labs.
Time: 9am – 5pm.
Duration: 5 days.
Catering: Provided.

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