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Cyber Security Research and Assessments

InfoSect performs research and assessments

  • Embedded Assessments

    Utilising decades of experience with embedded devices, InfoSect can provide a security assessment that is thorough, detailed and with actionable advice.

  • Code Review

    InfoSect performs code review for C and C++ programs.

Specialist Training

InfoSect provides deep technical training in the areas of vulnerability reseach and exploitation.

  • Hosted in person or live online

    Training is done on-prem in our classroom in Fyshwick or can be facilitated as a live online training course

  • Fully hosted labs

    Whether in-person or online, training includes a fully hosted lab environment with no lengthy, time-wasting setup required during the course.

  • Private or Public

    Both public and private courses are available. With a minimum of 4 students we will add an additional public course to our offerings. Private courses require a minimum of 6 students. See our current public offerings here.

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About image

Community Events

We have supported community events in Canberra for the past 11 years. This includes our annual conference BSides Canberra, the monthly CSides meetups, HackerChix, Locksport, Hardware Hacking, SDR Canberra and more. Visit our meetup pages for more information.

Embedded training boards and interfacing tools

We sell embedded training boards. These provide challenges for someone wishing to upskill in embedded device assessments. We also sell our in-house developed interfacing tools, including the BusSide which was released in 2018 and is still a reliable tool for interfacing with embedded devices.

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Our Executive team has 40 years of combined experience in the computer security industry. They have worked in industry, Government and academia, both in Australia and overseas.

Kylie McDevitt
Managing Director
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Dr Silvio Cesare
Managing Director & Chief Researcher

Careers with InfoSect

We are hiring for low-level programmers and vulnerability researchers of all experience and levels. If you would like to work with us, talk to us at a social night, CSides meetup or send us an email.


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Please feel free to contact us if you need more detail on our services.

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