InfoSect Room Hire

InfoSect is the perfect location for offsite team workshops and professional training. Office and warehouse space can be rented throughout the year and is designed to host technical workshops.


The conference room is at the front of the complex and is easily accessible. It includes a long conference table, comfortable seating, and will have a large LCD screen. The conference room is perfect for workshopping and collaborative training. Internet via WiFi is available in the room and it is close to kitchen amenities.
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The upper level training room is a large space that is private and out of the main thoroughfare. This training room is well lit with a large window view and will include seating, desks, and a projector. InfoSect can provide Internet access and computers for an additional cost. NOTE: Access to this training room is via a staircase and is not mobility friendly.
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The warehouse space is the premier facility of the complex. It is a large functional area that provides the ability to perform hardware-related and industrial tasks. Example usage of the space might include electronic engineering or reverse engineering physical hardware. The space will have AV facilities and has significant bench space and seating.
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  • Kitchenette access with tea, coffee, and biscuits
  • Electricity
  • Desks and seating
For more details contact us at [email protected]