InfoSect Community Events

InfoSect CTF Team

Come and play in a CTF with the InfoSect CTF team - we have placed top in Australia the last two CTFs we participated in. This is open to everyone of all levels, join the team and solve challenges. Participation is essential. Feel free to come for just part of the CTF or for the whole time. Bring a laptop with Kali linux at a minimum.
We usually dedicate one weekend each month to register and play in a global CTF. Check the calender for our next CTF
Registration not required.
Hosted by: Matt Brindley

InfoSect Locksport Team

Come and mingle with professional locksmiths and lockpicking enthusiasts. Last month we learnt amazing new lock exploit techniques, a snippet can be seen from our trending twitter post: Lock Exploit
Locksport meets usually happen once a month on a Saturday afternoon, check the calendar for our next Locksport Meet
Come and see what we learn this month! No registration required.
Hosted by Klepas

Community Night

Hosted by volunteers, the community night usually runs once a month on various technical topics. This is an opportunity to share with the community you've been working on or check out what other people know
Check the calender for this months community event
Hosted by various & InfoSect

Hacker Chix - hosted by Kylie - FREE - TBA

Community-led event, coffee & chat - sometimes with a technical focus each month. Bring a laptop running Linux. All other equipment will be supplied. No registration required.

InfoSect Networking - FREE - Most Thursdays at 5.30pm

Come and have a drink, sit around and chat about whatever you feel like. No rules applied. No registration required.

Upcoming Event Calendar

Have an event you wish to run for the community for free or minimal cost? Contact us at [email protected]

Past Events

Trend Micro CTF 2017 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier - Matt B - FREE - Date Saturday 24th June 2pm

TrendMicro are running a 24h jeopardy CTF which has some unusual categories - cyber crime, targeted attacks, IoT and SCADA. It looks like there'll be some interesting "real world" sort of problems. It runs from 1400 Saturday 24 June. InfoSect will be open overnight so we can use the full 24 hours for this CTF. People can come and go as they please. Bring a laptop to participate.

Interfacing with UART - by Dr Silvio Cesare- FREE - Date Tuesday 6th June 6pm FULL

UART is a serial communications interface often used in embedded systems for serial consoles. In this workshop, UART will be explained and students will interface with embedded routers. Students will learn how to identify an unknown UART pinout after disassembling the router and how to use a Bus Pirate to obtain serial console access.
Bring a laptop running Linux. All other equipment will be supplied.
Space is limited so please register here.